Friday, March 11, 2011

The “Other” Michelangelo

While one looks mighty good, the other TASTES like heaven.

Tucked away in the seaside neighborhood of Piano di Sorrento is Caseificio Michelangelo, a family run cheese making factory that welcomes the public with open arms, fun demonstrations and a generous array of fabulous formaggio!

Whether it be caciocavallo, bocconcini of mozzarella, provolone or caciaottine (my personal favorite), your taste buds and tummy will not be disappointed.

Tours & tastings are possible and given in english by the ever charming Sara, daughter to the “head cheese-maker” (who is quite a character himself). And getting there is super easy. Piano di Sorrento is located just two stops from Sorrento on the circumvesuviana and the just a 5 minute walk to the caseificio (although Sara will be happy to come meet you at the station).

Just another fun (and delicious) thing to do when visiting Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.



Rosa said...

ha! Funny that you should mention that particular brand of mozzarella because I always ask for a 'Treccia Michelangelo' when I shop at Positano. It's the best tasting one! I didn't know that they were based in Piano. I may pay them a visit too.

erin said...

oh we had this on our to-do list when we were in ischia last summer, but never made it. it looks like so much fun! i just love seeing how things are made :)

Unknown said...

Megan - I always learn so much from your blog! Thank you for the great info!

Anonymous said...

Looks good enough to eat! Wish we could get there in June--hmmmm?

Jill De Felice said...

Okay, you have me drooling here