Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Going Back to Cali...

Taking a "blog hiatus" until my return around Christmas time.  

Have a great month!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Gratitude Friday: Modern “Lines” of Communication

While many of us have a “love and hate” relationship with our computers (well, I do for sure), there is one thing we can't deny.  Its ability to make the world smaller. Living 10,000 miles away from my family is not always easy, which makes me so grateful for skype, iChat and all the other “modern lines of communication”.  To be able to speak and see my parents is priceless.

Hope you all have a chance to make your world a bit smaller this weekend!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crossing Borders: Haven in Paris...

I am taking a “jaunt” north and over the border to France in this blog because I have discovered a fabulous rental agency specializing in luxury apartments in Paris and villas in the French countryside that I must share with you all!

Haven in Paris was founded by American, Erica Berman, who moved to Paris just after graduating from college in 1993.  She started out by buying a small apartment of her own and renting it out.  Over the years she has helped other apartment owners “spruce up” their properties to the standard she was looking for and began renting those out as well.  She now represents over 30 gorgeous properties to choose from: whether it’s a studio overlooking Sacre Couer or a luxury villa in Provence, you will find plenty of gems to use as your “home base” in France.

In addition to her “day job”, Erica keeps a fun blog about French life (and sometimes beyond when spending time in her home away from home, Genova) at:

Au revoir!