Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Believe it or not, there are times when even I need to get away from it all. I know most people would think “But you live in Italy, paradise is at doorstep!” But I am also one of those types of people that cannot completely relax unless you take me away from my home/office. The beach works for a few hours but I always think about “the work” when I return home. So instead, I need to be in an element different than my own but with all the comforts of home. For me, this place is Baur B&B…

Nestled in the rolling hills behind the charming town of Acqui Terme lies my idea of paradise. Baur B&B is a small, boutique style B&B owned and managed by Diana Strinati Baur (American) and her husband Micha Baur (German). They bought this piece of property about 4 years ago when the farmhouse was merely standing but not exactly habitable and the 11 acres (or something like that) was overgrown and wild. It is now a gorgeous & colorful structure with 2 fabulous and comfy guestrooms and the land has been transformed into beautiful grounds for roaming (especially for my dog Lucy and their dog Max) plus a lovely pool area and dining patio.

Diana is an artist at heart. She make ceramics (most of the plates and cups are done by her), paints (the walls have many of her creative works) and has an eye for combining style and comfort to near perfection! She has tastefully decorated the farmhouse inside and out to make you feel as if there is no place better to be…Micha takes care of the “outdoors” which is a BIG job. He keeps the land looking manicured without losing its “wildness” and charm. He is a groundskeeper/farmer/pool man/plumber/electrician/ poolman PLUS a tour guide for the area!

The Suite consists of a living room with pull out couch, Satellite TV, DVD player and refrigerator, a nice size bath room with big shower (and lots of good running hot water!) and a cozy bedroom. The second bedroom is very large with a sitting area and bathroom with bathtub and the same amenities as the suite. It’s hard to choose which one I prefer (although I partial to soaking in a warm bath when possible!).

The outdoor dining area and the pool are the real “traps” for me. I can sit out there for hours staring at the same hill and never get bored! That’s when you know they have something special. I have not figured out exactly what it is about Baur B&B that makes me decompress but I imagine it is a combination of the comfort, the incredible hospitably and company of my dear friends the Baurs, the clean air and the views. Whatever it is, I give all the credit to Diana & Micha who set out to do something special and have really made it happen.

Baur B&B is a retreat, a treat and perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy quiet Italian living in the heart of its beauty and nature.
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