Saturday, February 26, 2011

La Panchina di Montemarcello

Making your way along the winding road leading to the village of Montemarcello, there is a small open promontory point with sweeping views of the Bay of La Spezia. It’s a sharp 300 meters down to the next level of land before it drops off again to hit the Mediterranean.

We love walking the old Roman trail that leads there with Lulu. We sit on the bench to enjoy the view, to breathe in the fresh air, to reflect on what a very nice life we have and to just be together.

Then we make our way to the village for our favorite “second breakfast” of the day. Not a bad way to start the weekend.

Monday, February 21, 2011

And So the Work Week Begins...

And there is no better, more energizing way to start it than with a gorgeous day like today.


Monday, February 14, 2011

The Tale of Two Homes

Home in Laguna

Fresh off a month long visit to the “motherland”, I have my usual mixed of feelings about having two homes. While many vicariously live through us ex-pats who have transplanted lives to "live the Italian dream", I usually spend a week or so getting re-acclimated to my adopted homeland.

Home in Lerici

It’s fair to say that both homes have their plus and minuses. Italy is, well, Italy. Excellent, “clean” food, delicious wine, gorgeous landscape, cappuccino to die for, history, art, Grande Fratello (kidding) and of course, my husband. California has unparalleled weather (one month and only one day of rain), organization, endless food choices, landscape that can rival Italy, Target, a manicure & pedicure for less than $25 dollars and above all, my entire family and most of my friends.

When we visit, I fall right back into the world I left nearly 8 years ago. Sure, a few things catch me off guard (BIG streets, HUGE cups of coffee, plastic surgery running amuck) but the truth is, when I am there in California, I feel at home. I want to take complete advantage of it. That’s probably why I basically did not blog when I was there. I needed to cut the Italian cord for a little while.

But now I have returned to Italy, home #2. And despite the usual soggy weather of the winter, I do feel a slight ease and sense of comfort. Maybe it’s because my stomach and waistline could no longer take the melee of foods I chose to consume in the states? Or maybe it’s because I missed Lucy too much (for sure that was part of it)? Or because drinking California wine made me realize how much better Italian wine is? Or maybe it’s just that this really is home now.

Whatever it is, I’m glad I’m back. And back to blogging I will go. Stay tuned...