Monday, March 07, 2011

Brief Notes from Sorrento:

Incredible Pompeii...

Last week was a busy one. My colleague and good friend, Kate, and I spent 4 days down in Sorrento doing a bit of research work for our clients and also for our upcoming “eno-gastronomic” hosted tours. Needless to say, we had a blast, but it also was a lot of work...really!

There were several highlights of the trip, but one that stands out in my mind was our visit to Pompeii with one of the favorite guides, Tony. I am a bit embarrassed to admit it, but in about 10 trips down to the Amalfi Coast, I had not been to Pompeii (I know, shame on me), so I was very excited and curious about it. And I was not disappointed. Not only are the ruins phenomenal but learning about this very advanced and complex society that lived 2000 years ago is humbling.

Wood-burning oven 79 A.D.

Strategic Street Crossing

A Bordello "Menu"

The ruins site is very large and almost overwhelming. For this, I very much recommend going with a guide. In the two hours we were there, I feel like we only scratched the surface, leaving me wanting to know more about these people, their lives and how it all suddenly came to an end.

Frozen in Time

Pompeii is quite easy to get to from either Napoli or Sorrento using the Circumvesuviana metro/train system (leaving every 20 minutes). Here are a few helpful sites for planning your day there:

Official Site for Pompeii

Excellent Guide for Pompeii



Ele said...

I went to Pompeii on my very first trip to Italy, which was with my high school when I was 16. I remember some of the sights so clearly- particularly the Bordello, which as you can imagine, all the teenaged boys just loved!

I'd love to go back one day because I hear they're still excavating the site, and there is probably even more to see now than there was 10+ years ago!

Jill De Felice said...

What an amazing trip! I just finished reading Robert Harris's Pompeii not too long ago. Looks like a fascinating place to explore.