Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Discovering the Other Tuscany

Chianti, Florence, Siena...we all know them and we all love them. Yet most people do not realize just how large a region Tuscany is, and just how much more there is to discover!

During my uncountable times I have taken the train between La Spezia and Rome, I became fascinated with this beautiful, less developed coastline to one side and lovely rolling hills with little villages dotted them to the other side. The area I am specifically referring to is between Livorno and Monte Argentario, otherwise knowns as the Etruscan Coast and the Maremma. I started researching this area a few years ago, making trips south and finding out there is so much to explore and experience in this area including a “surf and turf” cuisine, wonderful history and the SUPER Tuscan wines. Then my friend Kate and I took a research trip just an hour south of us to the Pisa Hills area, only to be pleasantly awaken to the wonderful world that surrounds this famous city: olive groves making sublime oil, low-lying vineyards, friendly (and yummy) pasta factories, cheese makers (no need to explain the yum here), a fabulous spa and some of the finest chocolate on earth!

So we have put together a fun “eno-gastronomic” week with all we have discovered here and we hope we have the chance to introduce it to you personally. Please take a peak:


Anonymous said...

Oh, that sounds like a fabulous trip & tour. Would love to get some friends to join me. Might just have to return in the fall with out MJM!

Anonymous said...

hello it's the first time i read your blog and it's so beautiful!!!! i have an answer, where do you take the foto of the header, the one that seems taken from a terrace in the night? thank you so much elena

sgabraki23 said...

Io mi amo Toscana!! I lived in Siena for 4 months while studying abroad, and I also returned to Tuscany this past September. It is such a magnificent province and there is so much to learn about the different cities in the region. Siena is always going to be my first love, as it is a captiviating medieval city with enough charm and intrigue to keep you interested always. Living in Siena I thought I already knew and saw everything there was to see,and then I returned to the city and explored it outside of the walls! I have also been to San Gimignano, Pisa, Chianti, Empoli. Sometimes it takes an open mind and wanderlust to discover a wealth of culture in a small town. Can't wait to go back!