Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back from Vacation...

And ready to get blogging.  Puglia was amazing, just like I thought it would be.  No, even more. Too much to tell and not sure where to begin, so here are a few first thoughts:

1) The color of the land in Puglia surprised me: very red and it's contrast to the olive trees and blue skies was mesmerizing.

2) The sea is almost turquoise.  Unfortunately, it was a very windy week so we didn't get a chance to even take a dip in it, but one of many things to save for the next time.

3) I could eat raw fish day in and day out.

4) Alberobello is the "San Gimignano of Puglia": busloads of tourists and lots of stupid trinket shops but nonetheless pretty and interesting.

5) Bari is elegant, clean and has some great shopping...who knew?!

6) Le masserie sono bellissime!  Many of these fortified farmhouses have been transformed in gorgeous homes, hotels and B&B's (just like ours).

7) Ostuni is happening!  Great restaurants, bars, nightlife and one incredibly beautiful city to look at and explore.

8) Sicily has strong competition in the ricotta department.

9) Lecce has some of the prettiest buildings and streets in Italy.

10) One week was nowhere near enough.  We missed Cisternino, Gallipoli, the point of Salento, Trani, Matera and more.  Guess those are a good enough excuse to get back there and soon!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Megan, thanks for sharing, so pleased you had a fab time, it looks a great place. We were going to go there last year, but chose Liguria instead...we had such a brilliant time there, very hard to choose a place, but I am so happy we went to Coletta Castelbianco, a truly amazing place! :-)

Eleonora Baldwin said...

I think Puglia is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. I love the rugged nature, the awesome coastal locations, the food, the olive trees, the smell of that red dirt... I love it all, even the tourists in Alberobello!

Too bad you missed Trani, with its gorgeous cathedral built on the waterfront, Gallipoli's crystal clear waters and Salento, my absolute favorite vacation spot. Next summer you have to go and dance La Taranta!!

In proof reading this I think the Puglia Tourist Board needs to pay me some monies!

Ciao and welcome back,
Lola xx

Rosa said...

So many of my friends have built a second home by the sea there. Looking at your photos its not hard to understand why!
Leanne from Aust. to Italy visited the Trulli recently too.

Cathi said...

sounds like a fun vacation - gorgeous pictures!

valeria said...

It must have been a great vacation, Puglia looks fantastic!

Valorie said...

I'm so amazed at the endless and amazing beauty and the variety of places to visit, or to dream of living in, in Italia. A lifetime is surely not enough time... thanks so much for sharing. I dream vicariously through your blog. Glad you had a nice time!! Valorie

Anonymous said...

Terrific photos, Meg. Must get there after next visit. SOM

Unknown said...

Hi Megan,
So glad you enjoyed Puglia, we have been living here for almost 4 years now and love it. Maybe we will get to see you next time!