Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lovely Vacation Rentals in Italy

I am so pleased to announce (finally!), our new web site,

Bella Vita italia Rentals!

There are still a few kinks and we are still adding property descriptions, but you can get the overall big picture by taking a peak now.

We have many wonderful properties in Liguria, Tuscany and Puglia to start. We also offer a a special add-on service called “Travel Concierge” where we actually organize your entire week with tours, excursions, cooking lessons, private chefs, and other fun adventures.

So please check it out and pass it along!

A special grazie to Melissa Muldoon

for her creative expertise on creating this web site.

For more information on Melissa’s fabulous work:



nyc/caribbean ragazza said...


I will definitely share this with friends who are planning vacations in Italy.

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Hope you spend more time on it now that it is fall & your workload should be diminishing????? SOm