Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Crossing Borders Once Again with...

This past weekend, I had a chance to visit my friend, Erica, who is staying in Genova for a month, and is the owner and founder of Haven in Paris. HiP is a rental agency with gorgeous apartments in beautiful Paris (and a few beyond). Erica has been picky and smart about her choices in properties. Literally, I cannot find one on her site that is not uber-appealing!

She also has a wonderful blog (which is on my blog roll) and an absolutely necessary ‘source” if you plan to visit the City of Lights.

I know many of you out there make a “stop” in Paris or France before south to bell’Italia, so keep HiP in mind. Also, they are offering some really fabulous deals over the wintertime, making “gay-Paree” even more enticing!

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Erica said...

Dear Megan. Thanks so much for this lovely and kind post. It was wonderful to see you in Genova this week and I hope to repeat it soon up your way or in Paris! A prestissimo cara - Erica