Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Riserva di Venidcari

Where you say? So did I, until I did my homework. There is patch of paradise waiting to be discovered. Go to the very southeast corner of Sicily and you will find Vendicari. Not only is the area beautiful but there are several interesting day trips/excursions from the area. Riserva di Vendicari is just that, a nature reserve on with an abandoned tonnara (tuna factory), faro (lighthouse), marshland filled with exotic birds and kilometers of open, empty beach.

Our base was Terre di Vendicari a new, very peaceful and very chic “agriturismo” with over 70 hectares of olive trees and panoramic views. The property dates back to the 14th century and has been restored with the utmost detail and taste.

From our accommodations we were able to make visits to:

Marzamemi, an old tonnara turned fabulous “dining village”. It a wonderful place to visit and enjoy a seafood meal in the main piazza (we had a wonderful lunch at Taverna La Ciocloma). I imagine it’s quite lively in the summertime and on weekends.

The gorgeous baroque town of Noto and it’s impressive cathedral and not to mention some of the best cannoli and granite on the island at Caffe Sicilia.

One of my all-time favorites, Modica, where we enjoyed time with our friends at LoveSicily and also the lovely Palazzo Failla.

It is also easy to visit Ragusa, Siracusa, Caltagirone, the deserted beaches of Capo Passero.

Vendicari is located only a 75 minute drive from the Catania Airport. Put it on your list of places to visit in Sicily!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

In 2006 we went to Sicily in November , and had the most fantastic time , and we stayed in the area of the
Marine Park of Plemmirio.. amazing.

I also have a friend in Modica, didn't know her at the time, found her through blogging.

Eleonora Baldwin said...

Loved this post, stayed at Terre di vendicari and (in another lifetime, many many years ago) discovered Marzamemi and fell in love with it's untamed nature.
I now have a painting of the Marzamemi/porto Palo shoreline in my livingroom...

Ciao and thanks for sharing this wonderful trip.

Anonymous said...

love all your posts.
I'm Italian, living close to Venice, but the region I love more is absolutely Sicily. I visited it a lot of times along the years and the part I love more is south-east. I know all places you mentioned and next time you'll go to Modica don't miss "antica dolceria Bonajuto" for the best chocolate/cannoli as well as for the charming/old style place.

ciao & take care


Valerie said...

I loved this post too - I did a quick week in Sicily (Palermo, Taormina) in March, and the other night sat next to a boy from Catania who mentioned other places to visit - this one never came up, but it's now on my list. Adore Sicily. Thank you!

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I also have a friend in Modica, didn't know her at the time, found her through blogging.

Thank You..

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