Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is It Really Autumn in Italy???

My best friend arrived last Thursday for a 4 night stay.  I warned her to bring sweaters and a good jacket.  She arrived to bustling fall weather, drizzle, wind and all.  But by Saturday morning we were eating breakfast on the terrace.  It was 22 degrees and just too beautiful out to stay in the house, so we headed to the beach.  Yes, the beach!  Her son, Max, and our “adopt-a-daughter”, Simona frolicked in the break water and enjoyed drawing in the warm sand.

Sunday we woke to summer-like conditions.  Our plan had been to go eat a hearty fall-like meal in Parma (on our way to Milano), but derailed everything to more time at the sea.  This time, Portofino, which was PACKED with people wanting to take advantage of this glorious day.  (Note to self and others, never eat seaside in Portofino unless you want to spend a small fortune for just above average food.)

I figured by the time we reached Milano, we’d start experiencing a chill. Wrong.  20 degrees and sunny.  Dined outside, at the end of October!

So, when is the real fall arriving??? I hope just in time for our annual pilgrimage back to California in 3 weeks!  I’m lovin’ it! :)


Saretta said...

We had that nasty cold spell a week ago, didn't we? But now it's luxuriously warm again!

Diana Strinati Baur said...

here too. It's been gorgeous, hitting 28, or around 80 F on our patio at the height of the day. We wake up to fog which is just allowing the tops of the trees to show, and it burns off by 9.30 or so. Gorgeous, gorgeous days. Just the opposite of last year at this time!

Heiko said...

It has been glorious and the views at the weekend were great too, with one of the few days in the year where Corsica is clearly visible. In fact it's better than summer, because it is not too hot, just right!

Anonymous said...

beautiful!! I'm so jealous (cold, windy and wet in Colorado) but happy for you too! Love the photos. Enjoy! ciao ciao, Valorie

Anna said...

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Gil said...

Glad you had good weather when your friends arrived. I can send you some cold rainy New England Fall weather if you like!