Monday, October 12, 2009

Super Delish in Roma

Thanks to Stefania at Rome Shopping Guide, I “discovered” this wonderful enoteca/restaurant/store on Via Frattina in Rome that specializes in products of Lazio: from wine (love Frascati by the way!), cheese, meats, olives (the ones from Gaeta are divine), local dishes and much more.  I treated myself to the fettuccine with moscardini (baby octopus), fresh tomatoes and olives from Gaeta.  It was one of the best pasta dishes I’d had in quite a while - and it was reasonably priced!

So next time in Rome...


Enoteca Regionale

Via Frattina 94, Roma

Tel: 06/69202132


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

You are making me hungary...I love pasta and fish...oh and Olives too!!

Rome Shopping Guide said...

Grazie Megan for your kind words and I am very happy you liked the Enoteca Palatium is just that when you said glass of Frascati this cozy and delicious wine bar came suddenly to my mind. Next time you come to Rome we must go back together!

Rosa said...

I use olive di Gaeta too!
And I use them in the pasta con calamari - yum...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I've never been and walk past this place twice a week.

I must check it out. Sounds delicious.