Friday, October 02, 2009

Gratitude Friday: October

I used to feel a bit melancholy come this time of year: no more dips in the sea, making the switch from flip flops to boots, awaiting the first big storm to wipe out these fabulous sunny days and the anxiety of not knowing what next year will be like work-wise.  But this year I feel different, sort of having a "primavera" moment in autumn. I'm ready for a some down time or just time. To do things planned and unplanned.  

Thank you October, you arrived just in time!


Cathi said...

have a great weekend!

Polideuce said...

io adoro l'autunno :)
SarĂ  che il caldo mi abbatte, e l'umido della pianura padana col sole mi rende vitale quanto uno stocafisso, per cui il fresco e la bruma autunnale mi rimettono in sesto...magari sono liofilizzato: basta aggiungere acqua :asd:
Buon ottobre, con la speranza che anche l'inverno porti qualcosa di buono :)

Saretta said...

Fall can be a time of new beginnings, sort of in that "back to school" spirit. But, I'm going to miss the warm weather, too!

Anonymous said...

Megan, I echo your feelings... love the artwork by yours and Lucy's new friend... very cheery!! ciao ciao Valorie

mary tude said...

Hi Megan,
You live in paradise!
I'd love to bring my family there for our next summer vacation. I'll be in touch.
Mary Tude