Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bella Bologna...

Did a "research trip" to Bologna last weekend.  It had been a few years and thought it was time to revisit.  So glad I did.  What a beautiful city! And the food.  Thank God we walked and walked and walked. Made me feel a little less guilty. Here are a few photos from our adventure.

My only regret is not having taken a photo with the fabulous GianCarlo & Emily from Ciao Down. :(

By the way, if you are ever interested in a guided tour of the city, contact Daniela Bigatti, a Bologna native (also lives and works as a guide part of the time in Florence) is fantastic!


Polideuce said...

Bologna merita, vi ho abitato per solo un mese, durante un periodo di studio, e ne ho un ottimo ricordo...qui in Emilia si mangia bene un po' ovunque, è che la cucina emiliana è l'antitesi della dieta e se non mangi maiale e sei emiliano puoi rassegnarti al digiuno ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi -- the link to Daniela doesn't work. Would love to have her contact info...please send!


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Your photos are bellissima.

Bologna is my list.

Sandrac said...

Beautiful photos, Megan! I'll be spending a week in Bologna in June and can't wait.

Are a few of your photos taken at the Hotel Porta San Mamolo? People on Slow Travel have raved about this hotel, so I'm booked there, and some of your shots remind me of others I've seen of the hotel.