Friday, January 30, 2009

The Sexiest Man in Italy...
(Disclaimer: a total fluff piece)

Who would your #1 answer be:  

Raoul Bova - not a bad choice
Marco Borriello - AC Milan's other pretty boy after Beckham
Gabriel Garko - my husband would choose him as 2nd, me no
George Clooney - mentioned based on residency in Lake Como

Just to name a few...

Without a doubt, the honor (for me) goes to Luca Zingaretti, otherwise known as "Il Commissario Montalbano".  Who said short, pudgy and bald couldn't win over the hearts of women all over Italy?!  

I love this program.  The story lines are interesting, the scenery fantastic (SE Sicily), there is a comedic undertone that actually works -  and thanks to this fabulous actor, it sizzles with sex appeal.

Even my husband agrees!


Rosa said...

Raoul, Raoul, Raoul is #1 no question about it. The trouble is, he knows it...

Anonymous said...

Was reading through EXPAT and saw your blog...I am an American and dating an Italian living in Italy. (We met in the states)..I am planning to move this year...and wanted to talk and see your perspective on things! Hope t hear from you soon!!


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog. Nice to find another expat up here in the north.
And this post isn't fluff by any means. Italian men are worthy! I agree with you on Zingaretti. I'm also partial to Sergio Castellitto and Luca Argentero.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I agree with Milanese, this is not fluff! It's actually very important. ha

I have never seen this show. I need to check it out.