Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Like Sugar
(and a little sourness!)

Last night Lui and I went to the Zucchero concert in Florence.  (And stupid me, forgot the camera at home, so no photos here.)  For any of you out there who have no idea who Zucchero is, he's part Joe Cocker, 100% Bluesman, definite drinker with a soulful voice ranging from gently soft to dynamically strong. He's internationally famous, yet probably least known in the states, which is a shame.  He has an amazing presence on stage and has some of the most melodic songs I've ever heard. But last night I had another one of those "out of Italy" bodily experiences as I like to call them...

So, the first 3 songs were ballads and everyone was sitting.  Ok, I can accept that, although maybe the 80's headbanger in me couldn't completely understand.  Then Zucchero went into a fury of GREAT dancing songs: Bacco Perbacco, Cuba Libre, etc., and there was me and two other people standing and dancing.  I looked at Luigi like "what the heck" and he just shrugged his shoulders, smiled and continued sitting, along with the other 10,000 people.  I kept dancing, singing, clapping and enjoying the music.  Until a security guard came up to me and told me to sit down.  Can I repeat that loud and clear: I WAS TOLD TO SIT DOWN AT A ROCK CONCERT!!! So I sat, still able to appreciate the music, but in complete shock for about 20 minutes.  Ok, some more ballads, but then another big set of fun, get out of your seat and jump around songs.  I was crawling in my seat.  What is wrong with these people?!  My eyes were shooting "vergognati" daggers at everyone!  FINALLY, Zucchero said "Why are you sitting? Get on your feet!"  And so the "lame-o, oh we're watching opera" crowd FINALLY got off their butts and begin to dance.  Every age, every type and all having a blast (including Lui).  Where were they the first half of the concert?  

After the concert I asked Lui, "was that normal?"  His answer, "Well, we did have assigned seats."  My jaw dropped open.  Then I said, "Seats are not for sitting at concerts, they're to assign you your dancing space and basta.".  He knew he wasn't going to win this one, so instead just said, "I wanted to dance from the beginning too.  Maybe we need a little more Megan in some Italians."  Awww...all's forgiven for not moving his booty sooner.

Anyway, if you have friends or family who enjoy good music (blues, rock and ballads), his latest (and greatist hits) CD,
All the Best, just might be the perfect Christmas present!


Polideuce said...

si...a volte siamo strani :asd:

Diana Strinati Baur said...

... to which I can only say... WTF????

That sounds really German to me. I had no idea such a thing could happen in Italy as well. GAWD!! I would have been dancing with you, sistah! That security guard must have felt like an idiot that the STAR was telling you to do what he had told you not to do.

Ok, for the Stranieri out there, just remember what Megan did there:

Be Strong! Be Positive! Dance when there is no dancing permitted! That's the key to a successful Expat life!!!

Rosa said...

Good on you for getting up and dancing. I would have found it difficult to sit still too!

The 'Joe Cocker' similarity is exactly right. Now I know who he reminds me of.

Karen said...

I've never been to a concert in Italy, so I didn't know about the sitting down. Diana is right, it doesn't seem very Italian!

Gil said...

Too funny about being told to sit down! Some guy got arrested for jumping on the stage, at the MGM Grand Hotel at Foxwoods Casino, during a concert a few weeks ago. No one ever got arrested jumping on stages in the 60's or 70's. What is this world coming to?

Unknown said...

Luckily, I got to see him in New York and in the tiniest theater. He was awesome and as New Yorkers we partied on our feet all night long. I love Italy and everything about the place and the people. But I am surprised to hear that it is not Italian custom to get up & dance at a performance. Italians always find any reason to celebrate; that's why they have so many festivals. Well, thanks for the info and now I know what not to do when in Rome. I just can't imagine having to sit with such great music such as Zuchero. Rita

Anonymous said...

Okay, I couldn't sit still and listen to this song, Bacco per Bacco. I ordered my Christmas CD from Amazon. Grazie, Megan!