Friday, December 19, 2008

Tutte le Belle Cose in Casa Nostra Oggi...
(All the nice things in our home today)

I woke up to the sight of this:
Glorious alba making its westward way.  And believe it or not, it wasn't even that cold outside. No rain, lots of sun and mild temperatures in December?  Now I feel like I'm living on the Italian Riviera!

The next one is BIG:

Do you see that white and blue box up in the left side of the photo?  That is our brand new water heater for the "summer kitchen".  That means no more freezing fingers or hauling in buckets of hot water from the bathroom at dish washing time!

This one is the other accomplice in making our kitchen life so much more, well livable, our "stufa" (gas heater): Because of this little guy, we get to use the summer kitchen all year long and enjoys the views of the garden and even Lerici.  Yippee!

And of course, all beautiful things must find a place to rest at the end of the day:  
Lucy has made a new spot right next to the Christmas tree where she can watch the lights until her eyelids get too heavy.

So today, I will cherish the "belle cose" in my house & life, and forget we have 3 months of winter ahead of us!  Hope your day is filled with "belle cose" as well...


Polideuce said...

Si; stamane c'era un'alba bellissima e ora c'รจ anche il sole...ancora pochi giorni e poi ferie finalmente :)

Diana Strinati Baur said...

I love your new hot water heater. It is.... FAB FAB FAB. :)

This is a country which makes us eternally grateful for small things -- and there is something very poetic in that, don't you think...

I love your tree and I love Lucy and I love you guys..

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Yippee..pleased you got your water heater...enjoy...oh what pleases us :-)

Cherish your lovely cosy house..hope your winter is not too bad.!