Thursday, July 14, 2011

Megan’s Berry Buckle

Before moving to Italy, I used to “host” Sunday night dinners at my house for my beach volleyball crew. I was famous for my sautéed clams, sangria and berry buckle. Oddly enough until last night, the only one I had ever made here was the clams. I got the baking buzz and decided to treat Lui and Simona (aka our “rent-a-kid”) to my dessert concoction (loosely based on the one made at the old restaurant Cynthia’s on Melrose for you LA friends)...


* 1 cup of flour

* 1/2 cup of sugar

* 1/2 cup of brown sugar

* 1/2 stick of butter (at room temperature)

* pinch of salt

* 2 cups of blueberries

* 1 cup of raspberries (Although any berry or even peaches work too)

* Vanilla ice cream (or in our Italian case, fior di latte)

Mix the dry ingredients together making a choppy mixture. You can add more butter if it doesn’t look choppy enough.

Take half the mixture and mix it up with the berries, then fill 4 small ramekins with it. Take the other half of the mixture and pat it on top of the berries. Set in frig for a 1/2 hour or more.

Heat oven at 400 degrees. Place the ramekins on a cookie sheet with wax paper underneath. Cook for 20 minutes or until it’s bubbling over. Place each hot ramekin on a small dish and plop a large dollop of ice cream on top. Serve hot.



Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hello Megan .. a delightful dessert. Interesting that you call it a Berry "Buckle" .. we call it a Berry "Crumble". I wonder why Buckle??

Oh just to let you know you spelt "flour" ...... "flower" :-)

Saretta said...

That looks delish! Were you able to find fresh berries or did you use frozen? It's hard to find fresh berries down her in the south.

Megan in Liguria said...

Saretta - Our Ipercoop here is really fantastic. I even found biological berries! M:)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I remember Cynthia's. She was crazy. I had to stop going after one incident too many.

I heard she sold the restaurant.

I love crumbles and will make this with some peaches.

Murissa said...

Looks so delicious! This is one of my favourite desserts! I would much rather have this for a birthday cake or even just a lovely dessert to have with Champagne or red wine.

The Wanderfull Traveler

Anonymous said...