Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Forte dei Marmi Market

View from the Pier...

I don’t dare call it a flea market even though many refer to it as that. It’s hard to do so when they are selling high-end designer shoes at half price for €160. No flea I know can afford that! But I suppose I would call it a “deal” considering the maker. Anyway, back to the beginning before I get too far off tangent about the gorgeous pale pink Prada ballerina slippers I would have snatched up in an instance had they been in my size...

I could just jump in this pool of fancy shoes!

Famous for their cashmere

If you are ever within a one-hour radius of Forte dei Marmi (i.e. - Lerici, Lucca, Pisa, even Florence), I highly recommend a day of shopping, people watching and lunch by the sea. It has been a popular resort area for over 2 centuries. The rich and famous flock here from all over the world for a touch of “Dolce Vita” as the area has some of Italy’s most prestigious beach clubs, discotheques, restaurants and, of course, shopping (how many beach towns do you know with a Gucci store?!). It is also is a good base for exploring the cost from Le Cinque Terre down to Pisa and inland to the marble quarries of Carrara, Lucca and even Florence.

Stylish bikini cover-ups for €20

A great selection of hats

Fur for less anyone???

Every Wednesday, the population of this cozy town must triple in size for this shopper’s paradise. You name it, you’ll find it, from cooking utensils to branded designer wear, all at (quasi) bargain prices. During summer, it’s a “double-bonus” as the market is open even on Sundays.

Mom checking out the latest look in tablecloths

The mob scene

Versilia's natural beauty

Forte dei Marmi Market

Every Wednesday (rain or shine), also Sundays in summer

From 8:00am-2:30pm in Piazza Macroni


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I would love to go to this!

Anonymous said...

The market next door in Marina di Pietrasanta on Saturdays is much bigger, better and cheaper. Equally cute, ritzy town too. My in-laws spend most summers in that area. Love it there. Michelle

Debra Kolkka said...

We love Forte dei Marmi. I really like the antique market that happens every second Sunday and the preceding Saturday. We go whenever we are in our place in Bagni di Lucca and follow the markes with lunch at Il Fortino.