Thursday, January 06, 2011

When I get home from home...

Like many expats, I consider myself a person with two “homes”. The one I lived in the first half of my life (California) and the one I will probably live in for the rest of my life (Italy). In less than one week we’ll be making our annual “pilgrimage” to the former, and it would be fair to say, especially after the rather soggy and cold winter we’ve had since mid-October, I cannot wait!

I also know that when February rolls around and it’s time to head home (the latter one this time), I’ll be ready. I’ll even be looking forward to it. Much because shortly thereafter the weather should be making a change for the better, but also because there are things here that I will miss (besides our dog and “rent a kid”). Things that are in my “backyard”. And when we get back, I plan to do, see, eat, drink, experience every single one of them!

Driving the road to Montemarcello - there is no better view in my opinion

A Visit to the La Spezia market with “lo solito” at Cafe Suprema

Portovenere - anytime of the year

Da Pasquino - Excellent panigacci and tagliata with rosemary

Campo Cecina - great for hiking and views

Genova - I can walk, walk and walk around this city and never be bored

Our terrace - by then I may actually be able to enjoy my morning tea there!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Have a fabulous trip Megan. I bet you cannot wait for the warmth of California :-) I would be so happy to have the sun on my face. I hope to get to Genova one day .. also lots of other places , yes I could walk around and around places like this too ,and sit on terrace . have Fun!!

Cathi said...

You have the best of both worlds!! The sun is shining here in So Cal but it's pretty cold still! Enjoy your trip! Your view is fabulous! xxoo

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

buon viaggio!!

Valerie said...

Buon Viaggio, Megan. I was just talking about the rainy weather in Toscana today, and though I don't miss that and am enjoying a few months stateside (pieno di sole!) before alternating with a few months back in Tuscany - I can't wait either. I love so much about both places, it's hard to claim one or the other.

Suzie from Palazzo Pizzo said...

Please let us also know what you are doing in California, what are the must visit and must do and favorite eats at your other home? What do you miss most/less?