Monday, July 12, 2010

Chianti on my Mind (and not the wine!)...

...and my 200th blog post!

A Door into the Countryside

I recently spent a couple of days looking at villas in Chianti. It is probably Italy’s most popular “non-city” destination and often referred to as “Chianti-shire” due to the amount of English and other expats who have bought homes in the area over the last 20 years (although I think the name is now being passed down to “Puglia-shire”).

Some think it’s over-saturated with tourists and no longer the “real Italy”. But ever time I visit, I am impressed by its beauty, the warmth of the people, the fact that there are so many lovely homes, and to be frank, how well they have their act together. Here is just a sneak preview of the landscape and villas that will become a part of the Bella Vita Italia family shortly...

Stone used in the most beautiful and practical way.

Subtly tempting me to dive in.

Lavender everywhere.

The perfect spot for a ice cold lemonade.

Pure relaxation.


One of my favorites.

Ending a day's work with a good meal.


Gil said...

Congratulations on your posting milestone! Pictures are beautiful as usual. Also, food looks mouthwatering.

Saretta said...

Congrats for your 200th post! Chianti looks gorgeous. Another corner of Italy I have yet to discover...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! 200 posts - have you been gone that long? :(


mrs.mfc said...

Ohhhh I can almost smell the lavendar just looking at the picture! Gorgeous!