Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Morning Walk to Lerici...

A couple of weeks ago, our dog Lucy (you all know who she is by now!) was put on a diet for obesity (!). Ok, she may be a bit “cicciona” but obese really is an exaggeration. But we want her to hang around as long as possible, so we are sticking to the vet’s strict program of gross diet food and at least a one-hour walk each day.

At first I thought, “Oh dear how am I going to do this going into my busy season?” I would need to get up earlier (and I am not always so good at that), need to adjust my day, etc. Yet I was determined to do this for Lulu. It did not take me long to realize: 1) I was being a bit selfish thinking I could not organize myself well enough and 2) I was looking forward to our morning walks!

I was discovering Lerici in a different light. The mornings are calm, clear and filled with good smells (and yes, Lulu likes that too). The village and the boardwalk are not packed with tourists yet, just locals having their morning caffè, workers delivering product to the restaurants and people like me, a resident enjoying the morning sun.

Here are a few photos from a daily morning adventure:

The Piazza

Making Friends

The water's clarity

Portovenere from the Lido

Raking the sand at the Lido

One of my favorite buildings

Tromp L'Oeil at its finest

Our borgo of Solaro (right smack in the middle on the hill)


Diana Strinati Baur said...

oh, how adorable. Beautiful views and wonderful doggies. mmmmm. lulu.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Well done Megan , a beautiful time of day to walk, :-)

Gil said...

Thanks for sharing. Everything is so beautiful, even the pooches!

italytutto said...

I do love walking in the early morning - particularly in the summer! Your views are beautiful!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

What a beautiful town.

I love working out super early in the morning before the tourists are out. The city is so quiet.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos... I can just imagine being there from all you've written and photographed! Poor Lucy! I hate that dog diet food, well I've never actually eaten it, but... it's dreadful. I wish there was another solution diet wise. Nice long walks and time with her beloved person are priceless however. Good luck Lucy! I think you look beautiful as you are. Valorie

Heiko said...

We are now with puppy, who isn't at all keen going walkies in the early mornings. He looks at me at seems to say: "You go on ahead and have your excercise, but leave me out of it!"

Susan said...

I'm so happy to know that wonderful Lucy is still with you - must be the Mediterranean air. Your photos remind me of why I love Lerici. Our biking group is spending 2 weeks in the Piedmont in July. Can't wait!

PassagetoItaly said...

Hi Megan! I've been following your blog for quite some time. I love reading all about Italy through your eyes. Your pictures are beautiful.

Thanks for sharing with us!