Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Eating Well on the Riviera:

Barabba in White

Monterosso al Mare

As a local and also a writer for a couple of guidebooks on the Italian Riviera, I thought it might be a good idea to start a new series of blog posts called “Eating Well on the Riviera”. Actually there is another reason for this as well. There are a lot of mediocre, even crappy, restaurants in really good positions in the area (especially Le Cinque Terre). I am hoping a little of first hand advice from someone who cooks decently and eats pretty darn well, will do visitors some good!

First up: Probably the best pizza place in Le Cinque Terre. Located just a 5-minute walk from the train station in the new town (Fegina) and smack on the beach in Monterosso, is Barabba in White. It’s an airy and colorful “hot spot” run by an Italian-American, my girlfriend Daniella, with an emphasis on simple dishes and relaxing atmosphere. But the real specialty here is the pizza.

Barabba has the only wood-burning pizza oven in Monterosso (maybe all of the CT, correct me if I am wrong someone!) and their pizzauolo (pizza maker), Al Pacino, I mean Pino, makes a fantastic dough! Using fresh and quality ingredients, Pino creates some of the finest pizza in the area. My personal favorite is the Napoli with capers and local Monterosso anchovies. But for the meat lover, they also have the “Italia” which comes with arugula (the green), stracchino cheese (the white), prosciutto crudo (the red), making up the colors of the Italian flag, not to mention one mighty delicious pizza. In fact, there are about 20 different pizzas to choose from reasonably prices between 6-10 euro.

In the heat of summer, Daniela will be serving a nice breakfast for those looking for more than just a croissant and caffè (of which most the affitacamere offer). She makes delicious breads daily, fresh squeezed juices, yummy cappuccini and lots of “free” information on the area. There will also be an "aperitivo" (happy hour) and is certainly the perfect place for watching the sunset over a glass of prosecco!

Barabba in White

is open daily and throughout the day and evening,

except Monday



erin said...

this place looks wonderful! I'll have to remember it when we visit next time. *oh, and these photos aren't helping my italy-fever :)

Megan in Liguria said...

erin - how are you?!

cinque terre italy said...
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Gil said...

I didn't know that they used Tabasco sauce in Italy. I thought that they made and used hot oil.