Friday, January 22, 2010

Gratitude Friday: A Repeat of Last Friday

Still safe & sound here in Italy.

Let’s help make Haiti safe & sound:

Red Cross



Doctors without Borders

Donate for Haiti


Anonymous said...

I read the following about Italy's aid to Haiti. I think it's very generous.

Italy Sends Support to Haiti, Cancels Country’s Debt

ANSA is reporting that Italy has sent the aircraft carrier Cavour to provide logistical and operational support for relief efforts in Haiti.
The Cavour will carry some 100 vehicles, including earth-moving and construction equipment, as part of a joint mission with Brazil. The South American nation will provide doctors and nurses for the Cavour’s onboard hospital.
Additionally, Italy has earmarked 5.7 million euros in aid for Haiti and plans to cancel the more than 40 million euros in debt owed by the earthquake-stricken nation, Foreign Undersecretary Vincenzo Scotti said on Monday.

I wonder how the earthquake stricken Abruzzo region is getting along? It's so hard to get info or updates over here in the states.

We're all are brother's keepers and we're all in this together. Prayers and good wishes sent to all and gratitude for our good fortune. Valorie in Colorado

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