Saturday, July 11, 2009

10 Gratitudes...

Following in the footsteps of my dear friend Diana at Creative Structures, I am writing my own list of 10 gratitudes:

1) That I was given the opportunity to pursue a dream (Italy) and for it only to be better beyond my expectations.

2) That I was at Le Bocche in Portovenere on September 19, 2003 (when really I didn't want to go out) where and when I met my husband, the love of my life.

3) That I have a 70-pound lump of blond hair lying at my feet who shows unconditional love on a daily basis, the other love of my life.

4) That I am healthy, happy and wake up each day feeling positive and ready to "conquer" my world!

5) That I live in such a beautiful place that the view and chirping birds alone can change my bad mood to good.

6) That I have work I love and am passionate about, and that I created all on my own.

7) That despite being very far away, I have two adoring and loving parents who support me through highs, lows and my sometimes crazy antics.

8) That I have been able to make some really wonderful girlfriends here (from all over the world). Big shout out to Di, Kate, Ari and Dani!

9) That I am learning the balance between working hard but allowing myself time for me, Lui and Lulu.  I'm getting there!

10) That friends, family and clients always seem to bring my Peanut Butter from the states!

Now why don't you join me and post your own 10 gratitudes?  And then shoot me a comment to let me know and I'll check them out.  Always nice to start the weekend on a positive note!

Buona fine settimana!


Diana Strinati Baur said...

I am grateful that it is berry season! YUM!!! ... and that there are so many wonderful things to eat in the summer.

KL said...

Thanks pal! I'm grateful that we have found each other too... And I'm grateful that the Kaufmans missed their plane as we found 10 pounds of porcini today in Lunigiana!
Hope that din tonight was fun- hope to see you soon!!!