Thursday, May 15, 2008

And oh the food...(This one's for you, KT!)

The honeymoon has not quite ended in my love affair with Taormina.  
Today the focus is the fabulous and delicious offerings of Sicilian cuisine.

For you non-fish lover's, I send my regrets.  Because you are really missing out by not being adventurous when visiting the island.  I mentioned Mendolia Beach Club in my last post.  And here is one of the best meals I have ever eaten.

We also enjoyed a creative and mouth-watering meal at the Ristorante di Nettuno (Via Tysandros 68/D) in Giardini Naxos just down the hill from Taormina including a "Tris of Fish Pasta" and Pasta al Nero di Seppia (spaghetti flavored and tinted with the ink of cuttlefish).

And a whole lot of grappa!

Then there are the desserts.  My photos and narrative won't even do them justice.  Cannoli (a crispy fried pastry filled with fresh ricotta, yummmmm) ...

and Cassata (sponge cake of ricotta, sugar and candied fruit) are my favorites. Try the Cassata at Granducaand the Cannoli at Mendolia or Licchio's.  You can also find a colorful and fun assortment of marzipane candies that look so real, you almost hate to eat them!

*For you "non-fishies", I suggest you try the Caponata (friend eggplant chunks in a sweet and sour sauce), Maccu (bean and fennel soup), Arancini (fried balls of rice, veggies and mozzarella), Pasta alla Norma (spaghetti with a spicy sauce of tomatoes, eggplant and ricotta) and any flavor of honey you can get your hands on.  I personally devour the honey-suckle flower honey from Oro D'Etna.

Now top it all off with this and it's time to say "buona notte"!


Jill said...

We're waiting for September to dine together!!

Gil said...

I think that the grilled seafood is one of the main reasons I can't wait to get back to Italy. Or is it the pastries? ha-ha!

Anonymous said...


Great pics, Megan.

casacaudill said...

My husband's mother's family is from Sicily and for the past few years we've talked about taking her there since only her brothers have gone to see where their parents grew up. I've bookmarked these posts for when that day comes - the food and water look amazing!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I adore fish, had lots and lots of it when we went to Sicily, it was devine.