Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Charming Camogli

This past weekend, Lui and I headed up to Camogli for a little “research”. This medieval fishing village is perched on a steep hill leading down into the Liguria Sea with fantastic views of the Portofino pennisula and Genova in the distance. The colorful, tromp l'oeil frescoed buildings dramatically rise from the small beach and harbor, looking as if they could fall forward and into the sea at any minute.  Camogli reminds me much of Portovenere (as you all know my favorite) and IMO is prettier than Portofino without the pretense.

It's easily reachable too, located on the main train line between Genova and La Spezia.  In fact, it's a great base for visiting the region especially Genova, Portofino, Santa Margherita and even Le Cinque Terre.

Here are a couple of photos from "the dead of winter" (ha!)...

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Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Such lovely photos; I especially love the last one :)