Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Finally a beautiful, sunny (but very crisp) day in Liguria. Having returned from a visit to the states one week ago, I was already getting some cabin fever due to the torrential downpours that have invaded my little spot of paradise (as well as the rest of Italy). Anyway, this is my first of hopefully many blogs about living in Liguria, marrying an Italian, running a business here and trying to sane as an American in a very Italian world!

My fiance, Luigi, our dog, Lucy, and I live in a 17th century borgo called Solaro which overlooks the seaside village of Lerici, the Gulf of Poet's and on to the Mediterranean Sea. Our house was originally the watch tower for the borgo (hence the great views!) and hasn't changed all that much over the 300 plus years it's been standing. Ok, yes, we have electricity, heat, cable, even DSL, but the day to day life in the neighborhood and the building, I imagine, have stayed pretty much the same for centuries. The village has what I refer to as a "cast of characters" all passed 60 years of age, that meet and greet, take their daily "passagiata" (walks), play cards at the local communist club (yes, you read right), drink local moonshine and gossip. We being the new, young couple (and one of us being an American blond, mind you!) are often the topic of conversation. I should mention I do speak and understand Italian quite well, so when I pass by and something is said, it doesn't exactly go over my head! Anyway, these people are a part of our daily life and I am certain will come up from time to time in my blogs...

Many people ask me, how did you end up in Liguria instead of Florence or Rome or Tuscany? I fell in love with a village called Portovenere (, then with a boy from La Spezia, then his family, and then the rest of this fabulous sanctuary known as "Il Golfo dei Poeti". Sure, Florence, Rome and certain towns in Tuscany might have been a little easier to manage as an American. But for me, this part of Italy has be an excellent teacher in learning the language, the culture, the lifestyle and as much more. So with that introduction, enjoy the view from my garden and stay tuned for more...


rosemaryj said...

Dear Megan,

I , to, have fallen under the spell of Liguria,
my husband and I actually!
I will keep tuning into your blog!
Great to hear about someone that actually had the courage to seek out their dream, and make it a reality.
I'm writing you from right smack dab in the middle of Manhattan, Columbus Circle, where my dreaming started!
Best wishes

Annika said...

oh what a beautiful photo!

Anonymous said...


I have noticed your comments on SlowTravel. I posted a question on the message board and no one has commented. If you also don't know about driving into Milano, is there a blog like yours from an expat near Milano?
I am looking for driving instructions from Tortona to the Milano Centro Citta autostrada uschita then to the subway in order to visit the Duomo without driving in Milano.
Michael Bozzini (my family lives in Genova)

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