Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Puglia on my Mind (once again)...

I admit it, my memories of Puglia include days bursting with warmth and sunlight, of eating pesce crudo with a nice glass of Grillo while watching the waves lightly roll onto the beach and visiting white washed villages dotted with bougainvillea and children playing on the cobblestone streets. Sounds like a dream huh?

Well, I realize that even down there the weather is less than desirable in the winter but from what I understand, nothing like the crud we have up here in Liguria (and for the record, here in Liguria it’s raining cats and dogs outside and the laundry I did on Sunday is still damp, while in Puglia it’s supposed to reach 65 degrees!). And in all my visits to the boot, those memories I mention above are all true. So I am temporarily transporting myself (and you!) to one of my favorite places in one of my favorite places.

Let me introduce you to La Rascina. This masseria turned B&B is where I usually call “home” when visiting Puglia. It is a sanctuary and perfect base for exploring the region. There are 6 charming rooms and 4 very comfortable apartments divided amongst two buildings with a welcoming swimming pool and lush garden in the middle. A delicious breakfast is served under a veranda with the smell of figs and olives in the air and there is a sense of completely tranquility here.

The owners, Paolo & Leonie, are a delightful couple, happy to assist with information and ideas of where to go and what to do.

La Rascina is excellently located a few kilometers from the white-washed hilltop town of Ostuni, the gorgeous Valley Itria and the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, making it the perfect base for exploring Puglia - that is if you can pull yourself away from the place!

Masseria La Rascina

Strada Provinciale 19

Rosamarina, Ostuni

Tel: +39 338 433 1573

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diana said...

I do believe this can legally be considered torture. How awesome. Can I leave today? Please?