Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Casa Dolce Casa...

72 hours ago I was in this.

One flight from hell (since when is the leg room so small on a plane that carries 300+ people that I could not cross my legs? And what was that slimy pink thing I ate that they called salmon?!), one missed flight (maybe I needed the break after the first one?!) and a day stuck in snow and disorganization to the max (who knew in Germany?!), we made it back to this.

It sure may not look pretty, but it’s home. And I’m glad to be here.


from a blistery, damp Italian Riviera!!!


Heiko said...

Welcome back and happy Christmas to you too. It sure was blustery last night. Our 300 year old palazzo shook to its foundations. But then we are on a particularly exposed place.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I've missed your blog. I'm sure Lucy is happy your home too! Love the photos. Buon Natale! Valorie from Colorado

Gil said...

Welcome back! I hope that you are having a very Merry Christmas and a healthy Happy New Year.